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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

You're hands on?

It is inevitable as many foreign words and phrases are part of our daily lives.
In schools, at work and even in our quiet social life, she is present.
I recently heard the very question, you are a professional hands on?
In a good and clear Portuguese, the question would be, you are a professional who put their hands dirty?
Not simple, then why make use of English in a country where the illiteracy rate is alarming desperately?
Blame it on the trend, there is a trend, and not only in Brazil, everyone uses words, phrases or simple words to any situation.
Especially in the corporate world, where most of the techniques and methodology used in the administration are in English.
Returning the application of foreignness in a country where few speak a Portuguese in the patterns considered normal, lí a job ad:
- "It takes still greater than 18 years, good looks, who speaks fluent English, excellent typing, field computing, and is the third semester of law, and that is totally hands on!"
Before starting to give high laughter, I was curious about the company that made this announcement in the newspaper, such a lack of sense of the cultural situation of our country.
I found that it is a foreign company, which operates in the area of logistics, the candidate, or where we could read "super boy", would win the outstanding amount of $ 800,00 (eight hundred dollars)!
That's right, ridiculous or insignificant amount, if we take into account all the attributes required by the company to hire them.
Assuming there is such a super boy, does he would be admitted if asked in the interview if he is hands on, and made a face of terror?
Or was it just dropped for not knowing the significance of this new terminology, in spite of its attributes?
In a country where the number of unemployed grows geometrically, I think that companies would be less stringent in the requirements for the loan, and be more realistic with the reality of the country concerned.
Giving more opportunities for young people who have never worked, because I know great entrepreneurs, who had his big break, the first job to work as learned from ongoing and growing business with them.
And later opened their own businesses, becoming large businesses.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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