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domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

it's all wrong

Early on, our parents teach us to distinguish right from wrong, to separate the wheat from the chaff.
This concept, or knowledge acquired, is repeated for all mankind and is passed from generation to generation.
Concept logical and normal, we must teach our children all our learning, however, there is a flaw in the way of this process.
Very few parents I know who teach their children to question!
The questioning is so important in the process of learning, as their own acquired knowledge, for it is through him that we come closer to reality.
It is through questioning, we discovered the truth of all facts and phenomena that occur in our lives.
In one of the most disastrous my experience, it is with a foreman who was angered when questioned given procedure, to which he replied:
- You're not paid to question and yes run!
The result of this myopic view, employees are unable to resolve any problems as did all the process mechanically.
The process is similar in life, when accustomed to being receptive to excess, without question we lose track of what is right.
Making it in a bag of human garbage, especially in modern times, where we are bombarded with "N" information.
Questioning the reality is first of all learn to filter what is most important in our lives, is to prioritize our needs.
When we accept everything we offer, we start to live life in a blind and unable to interact intelligently with the environment in which we operate.
An example of this concept is the way of how this world, totally disproportionate, and some totally illogical situation.
I can cite NASA, she builds ultramodern probes, and send to space, the demand for water, they spending billions of dollars every year.
Meanwhile on earth, every day are released into our water supplies tons of pollutants.
I wonder why supposedly seek a remedy in the space, spending large numbers are those resources we have on earth?
The lack of questioning of NASA, prioritizes spending exorbitant instead of creating technology despoluentes.
Another example of this lack of questioning is the eternal disharmony between religious beliefs, the faithful are conditioned to not question their faith, are directed to follow a blind faith, defend, attack and kill if needed all his opponents.
In my constant search of a religion or philosophy of life, found in Buddhism a powerful form of creed.
Well my first activity was encouraged to question Buddhism itself and does not accept it because everyone present there convinced me of its veracity.
Then I wondered:
- "How absolute is a learning experience that teaches us to question their own dogmas?
Since then I follow this philosophy, and I learn every day that man is his own savior.
Learn to question everything that you submit as absolute, even this post, and live life fully, because nobody on earth is above all true!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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