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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 24 de agosto de 2010


We can not ask the people who love us, they just happen in our lives.
Just as people do not choose to be our partner or partners.
And many times, "we" with people opposing those that we idealize in our lives, until one day everything is over, and go back to square one.
But doing that if nobody is perfect, the way for me was to give a greedy (angel matchmaker), and get the most out of weddings for friends singletons.
I think I lost count of how many couples have formed here on earth, good hand Jeez, I think I have the Midas touch to the wedding (of others).
Dunno if I say I am totally happy with the arrangements that I made, I'll be lying partly because I also have my needs.
And I'm not being hypocritical, he hits a Ourinhos elbow when I see some friends getting married, raising a family and here I am still a bachelor.
Some shifts, and are supportive, and state that this situation is temporary, and soon I'll find my soul mate.
Soulmate ?!?!!!?
I'm curious if this really such a soul mate exists, or if it exists only in my imagination, because as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I seem to always be with the person opposite.
Maybe my attitude, matchmaker is being cruel to me and asking for a condition that may not currently be as important as for some friends.
It's like my mother always said, everything has its time, she spoke it to me, every time they claimed the absence of beard on my face.
I think the wedding process is similar to the growth of beard, much less wait staff, it appears and grows, becoming older and look more respectable.
Worthy to be called sir, look, that such liability.
I, sir, giving hard time with my children, I think not, I think I still think it's too early for such responsibility.
I think I'll keep single for a good time, enjoy the best of the other children, meet with the families of others as a pillar buoy on Sundays from others, and talk about the good times when we were kids.
We need our children to grow primarily inside for later create our future mancebinhos.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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