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Paulo Rk
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sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

The morally weak

On a cold morning and with promises of a sunny afternoon, I was at a bar taking a very strong coffee, chatting with two more people, various subjects, the bad weather the previous day, politics, unemployment, and a new kind of aggression perpetrated against people called bulling.
When one of them started to talk recently that three boys were in his direction and began to kick him, seemingly out of nowhere, as he was walking toward the subway, as usual.
When looking at your face I could see that he had actually experienced a terrifying experience.
He was only able to escape unharmed and fortunately, very lucky, being one of the busiest train stations, and at that fateful moment, two guards were on hand to depart them.
Otherwise, it would have been another victim of the so called bullying.
Usually they are people of age much younger than ours, who practices such violence against their peers.
Explain this situation is very complicated as this person reported that three boys were well dressed and did not appear to be violent people.
Does the animal instinct is overlapping the civilized human instinct?
Causing mankind to return the stone age, where law is always the strongest?
We are living in an age where being called an animal is no longer considered offensive, because the animals in nature relate to each other, hunting in packs to ensure its own existence.
Meanwhile, we humans are having increasingly difficult to live in groups, often killing free without a real reason to justify such a sacrifice.
The scientist Albert Einstein made the following quote: "the violence strikes the morally weak."
I need not say more, I think people are cowards and frustrated because they could not overcome their own tragedies.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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