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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2010

Values in life

Do not know if my impression, but I think the cold got more aware with everything.
Sensitivity to the surface, this morning I hold onto and clean up all I could feel the roughness of a toilet paper unbranded and inexpensive.
That experience sent me to the past, at the time lived with my family, my father was concerned about the quality and well being of their children, and I never stopped to think how good it was to clean the bottom, with those soft roles, some with embossed designs and others were until fragrant.
Some people may even think that is bullshit be reporting such events, but I think it is extremely important.
For certain experiences that occur in this agent, makes us redeem all that experienced in the past, and therefore ransomed everything we learn in terms of values.
In a way, we are thick bark, and as we "evolving", we lost all our sensibilities in relation to life.
And when we forget these little details, have become self-centered beings, concerned only satisfy our own needs, forgetting everything else.
I watched a Japanese drama called "one liter of tears," a true story that happened to a teenager who wanted to live at any cost, as the disease slowly mowed her life.
Extremely cruel, because the person's mind remains completely lucid, and she will lose the ability to walk, to measure distances, and speaking.
I'm not being a masochist, or cruel to myself, because there are days that I'm complaining to the cheap toilet paper.
This movie makes me go back that old human dilemma, what would be my reaction if I knew he would die in a given time?
The protagonist of the film is asking for his mother, and herself, that the disease would have chosen her, and what the meaning of its own existence?
I like the cold to sleep, to feed me, because we seem to have more appetite in winter, and by his own impression that we are more aware of our responsibilities.
Good to redeem certain values of the past, so we can relive our present with more awareness, strength and gratitude.
While some people ingest or inject poison into their veins, irresponsibly, others fight, pray and beg for living.
I am writing to give a moral lesson for someone else but for myself, because today I woke up complaining of life and have cleaned my ass with a low quality paper!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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