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sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Justifying my loneliness

Justifying my solitude, listening to a very romantic song 'Love Destiny,' short-cold nights paulistanas the half light of my room ...
You know, lately I've done a review of my life, and discovered that I am not a romantic person.
Yes, once while I do these types of inventory in my own life, measure everything, financial situation, social life and love.
In finance, I can not complain, and despite not having that stability could only dream, I have everything I want (it's easy to be satisfied with things when you're humble), social life, am not so trendy, and not have a list great friends, but the few I have are pretty nice.
I think my greatest sin is in my love life.
My triad (financial, social and loving) is not complete, it closes, so I feel at times a lonely, ugly and bitter.
How many sleepless nights and mornings are difficult to arouse at a time when I encounter difficulties even to breathe (to dramatizing enough to give emphasis on chronic).
Some people close sensitized with my latent desire, once I can no longer hide, (not the closest!), Share with me, in order to make my burden lighter.
They are all well-intentioned, but the point is that nobody can do anything for me.
And in this world full of super interesting people, who always has something to teach us, I am being dishonest with myself when I say I'm not aware of what makes me be so lonely!
Opin, struggle with, or affixed to deduce that to have someone, a companion, a lover next to us, it takes a lot of responsibility.
Be responsible not only with our feelings, but mainly with the feeling of others.
And with people's feelings, they can not play, it hurts, it hurts and often the scars are slow to close.
I do not like to emphasize that speaks astrology, because for me regardless of the sign, which works among the people is the character.
I'ma Leo, and I'm very jealous of the things that belong to me physically, and I infer that my behavior with people too so.
Nobody likes a clingy person, jealous, among other attributes that makes a Leo to be very possessive.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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