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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2010

By thanking

You know, many practical exercises as a form of health, others to keep the little body healed, as a matter of vanity.
Practiced tae kwon do, Korean martial arts, to strengthen my body, which at that time was slight, and to discipline my mind.
I did not get to reach the maximum degree of this sport, but for sure, she brought great benefits to my body.
Currently, due to lack of time (actually lack of $), often take long walks and enjoying the more "scenic" urban.
What some inexplicable way, has done very well for my brain, walking increases the cholesterol level in our nice, and burn our calories, giving us a sense of well being.
Speaking of welfare, lately noticed how the moon is impressive, shining with all its splendor?
Many people say that the full moon, exerts many influences on us.
Some influences positive and others negative, I think in my case is positive, because lately I've been feeling more receptive with the people in my living.
I have reflected more, before you even discuss or fight about some idea or thought, thus avoiding the emotional wear, totally unnecessary.
But today I woke up doing an exercise, it's been a while that did not practice, the exercise of gratitude.
This type of exercise strengthens our soul, and helps define our ascent to spiritual evolution.
As important as exercise for our physical body, the exercise of gratitude makes us realize that life does not give what we ask, but wisely gives us everything we need.
It works like this, today I woke up and before getting out of bed, still lying, I joined my hands in prayer, and started talking loudly,
- I am grateful today for awakening to another day of life, having had a restful sleep and quiet!
-I also thank the few friends, but so intense and sincere feelings that surround me!
- Thanks for the food which does not lack in my fridge, and that keeps this body healthy!
- I am grateful for my health, to have legs, arms, eyes, ears and a good mind to be able to help people and myself!
I have noticed that the ingratitude in the heart of humanity, has been the main cause of depression, a disease that is killing far more than any incurable disease in the last century.
In many cases, having gratitude for the small things in our lives, has proved to be a real antidote to all the diseases of our soul (depression).
So thank you first for any, and sincerely for having read this post until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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