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Paulo Rk
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quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010

Defining our better our lives

Excuse me for the delay in posting some relevant idea that will bring in fact, some added benefit to your life, or simply serving as a mental exercise.
You've been racing with time, sincerely believing he could win it, but I was wrong again.
Speaking of bets, winnings and losses, there are several types of battles we fought in our lives, some of these make sense others less so.
An example of struggle that is worth is that we fought against our own ignorance, where we seek to overcome our own expectations.
The victory is without doubt the biggest and best of all prizes, and no money in the world could afford, I mean personal accomplishment, the satisfaction that we have to look back and say, 'is Paulão you got to overcome one more step ! '
I think we came to earth, not to prove to others but to prove to ourselves, our own capacity for self-realization!
I'm not talking about material gain, because I noticed that they are so ephemeral, the moment that we won, the feeling of happiness and how completely dissipated by a spell.
In my philosophy of life, we learn that there are two kinds of happiness, the absolute and relative.
Absolute, is that with a more real and lasting, one that brings us eternal values, proving to ourselves that we are born in this life to be happy.
Relative, that is what gives us happiness at that moment, as quick as a snap, and with momentary effects.
Contemporary people find themselves unhappy, despite the purchasing power of personal achievements and overcome.
So what is the difficulty, which prevents the human being to live a full life?
I firmly believe and based on my continuous learning, that all depends on how we interpret our lives.
Definition, is the key word, we must define what we want while living in our minds when we outlined the goal to be achieved we put in us the spirit of the predator, and set out to hunt and when the living condition is triggered, the result is almost always win!
The collective pessimism, we are witnessing in the global scene today, born of the lack of definition, modern man concentrated all their energies on what he wants, when it should do otherwise.
Personal problems are coming our way abitolada to find solution, often do not realize that for every action is triggered a reaction!
Then we calmly and not acting rashly in our lives, the only thing worthwhile in life is to live it fully.
Set, our goals in life, we need to remember this setting!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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