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Paulo Rk
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sexta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2010

What is my sexual preference?

I have no doubt about my sexuality, and I will not waste time explaining my condition, and write about something.
Despite being a single conviction, and not be dating, the adventure of walking with male friends, it amuses me, because besides the type of conversation is to go there relaxed, is almost always reflective about my own socio economic.
I believe in the life of any living being, there are things more important than getting conjecturing about the sexual orientation of individuals.
How important is whether the guy is straight or gay, for all practical purposes, they are not human beings like us?
You know, I think people "live" life in the light of things without much importance, valuing appearances too, and it highlights the irresponsible nature of humanity.
Maybe this obnoxious behavior, explain the current disturbed situation in the modern world.
Mothers who throw their newborn babies in garbage bags, dropping them into the mouths of wolves, children who kill their fathers, husbands who kill their wives and boyfriends killing their girlfriends.
And yet there are people who think beautiful, pointing the finger just because you feel normal.
But "normal" until that point, the cost to be paid for living a life considered standard, some people became dog food because they believe in this lifestyle.
Why people do not question their own lives, check if they are true, all statements and beliefs and see if their achievements are worthy of a person fighting or a sycophant?
We should be like children that do not discriminate between them when they play, the only important thing for them is the fun, be happy at that moment.
I remember a novel where the central character was a boy with Down syndrome and dow mother's constant struggle to find a school that would take.
In one scene the mother watched her son playing and interacting with other children, all very beautiful, all very young.
Then comes a very adult evil lover, telling her that that's not an environment for your child, just because he has dow syndrome, and the other children did not.
Understand, we need to pay this same childlike nature that we lost long ago, instead of creating barriers with prejudice, we should be more united with people.
Remember that we need not be united only in the event of major disasters, we need not meet relatives and friends having the funeral as an excuse, it is macabre morbid, is not it?
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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