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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Addicted to blogging

Lately I've visited several blogs, and each of them have made amazing discoveries.
They are people from many different walks of life, people who write as they like.
I'm becoming an expert in assessing ways of thinking of others, contrary to what we read in newspapers or other sources that speak only of the tragedy of others.
Reading blogs, has been for me a real mental exercise, which adds personal values of others, giving me a new concept and different way to interpret my own life.
Nowadays, it increasingly difficult to talk to people, have a dialogue, "in time of senseless violence 'is increasingly difficult to know what people are thinking or feeling.
As vital as the air we breathe, we need to know how people perceive the contemporary world, we need a parameter to be consistent with our thoughts.
Some are very poetic, others tragic, but always with a commitment to show its form and staff, to capture the world around them.
Before you know the world of bloggers, who longed for a reading ability to stimulate my imagination and motivates me about all the things in life.
Conventional forms of reading has not stimulate me more, is just information or data transmission.
Making the act of reading a boring activity, almost like a duty, a punishment.
When you access a blog is like opening a box of surprise, all forms of sensory experience, contained in a single area of bit and bytes.
As good as reading, writing blogs is the responsibility of passing on the knowledge gained is so gratifying that I can not stop.
The other day a follower made the comment, "the subjects you comment on your essays, make me think about things in life that had long forgotten!"
When I hear this kind of comment, I feel I'm reaching my main goal is to remind people that, 'to everything in life there is a solution! ".
And they give it makes no sense, not in the way because the path chosen to achieve a goal, it is only a means to achieve happiness.
We're happy only one who tries to give a reason for their existence, said to be alive only because we are breathing, does not mean much to me.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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