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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010


They say that dreams exist to fill the void in the hearts of humans.
I am speaking of daydreams, not of dreams that do not control.
Everyone has a dream, the most complete exercise for our minds and emotions.
If you live in a world with so many realities, was why our forefathers dreamed of while working hard to give us a world full of benefits.
Psychiatrists, say that the insane were mad because they lost the ability to dream.
The dream is part of a mechanism of our brain, to relieve some stress of our reality, a form of relief to avoid their own folly.
As subjective as his own feeling of love, lack of capacity to dream, makes us one is devoid of sensitivity.
There are many forms of dreams, some eccentric ways, some so simple that it would not need many resources to implement them.
I question whether there is any relationship between love and dream, by their subjective condition, effects so real, and the human need to cultivate them?
Have you noticed that many of the essential things in our lives, are intangible?
Feelings and perceptions that take forever beyond our graves (at least this is my belief).
Some people believe that we experience while living a dream, and that our true reality, manifests itself when our physical body dies!
If it is a truth will be a mystery because this thought as in dreams, leave the field of our capabilities of understanding and explanation.
At the same time, testimony dreams so cruel, why is it that people are so masochistic, and not dream about good things?
If life is an expression, a tactile experience of what we dream, we dream of good things.
As we can not cultivate negative feelings and thoughts we should not dream about bad things because somehow we can not explain, they become real.
Inexplicably, the subjective and objective, merge into one reality called life!
Live your dreams positive practice this wonderful human capacity for projection.
Accomplish a dream or not, it is another story for another post!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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