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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Facts of Life

Life is a consequence of events good and some not so good.
If you look, nothing in life is free, we can be thankful even in the worst moments.
It seems that the 'modern' man, still suffers from myopia, and insists on wanting to see, only what is convenient for yourself.
And ignoring all that you do not like, it becomes a completely irrational animal, leaving the good sense, and their form of "civilized side.
As good citizens, we try to build our lives on a solid base, and preferably consisting of small things, but surely, with all the qualities of a good person.
And life itself gives us a gift, we offer everything to her.
I am very hick (in the view of some people), and with regard to human behavior, do things and not expect to be rewarded, because my actions are a reflection of an education and submissive servant.
Although some people find this kind of behavior disparaging a human being, I think quite aggregator (it's just a matter of personal value).
But as I say, life is proportional to its true intent toward her.
Then make an analysis, if you're getting things that are not pleasing you, note well what you are offering it.
Compare your life with a boomerang, she has the power to return to its point of origin.
Recently, a person to which I have much love and affection, thanked me for everything I have done for him.
I was very embarrassed, because it is not my intention to do things and be recognized, the important thing for me is just to make things happen.
If you can not be happy at 100%, at least try to provide the people of my socializing, a bit of comfort that is still within my reach (as it is gratifying to 100%).
People have to understand that nobody is responsible for your happiness or unhappiness, it's all in your hands.
If you are now enjoying great benefits, it's because you earned it, if I am helping to achieve all your life projects, it is because I am part of the complex 'karmic engineering' (as the blogger said in one of my posts, the "Deivid").
It's like a novel, except that in real life, you have a situation where you're the lead actor, and together you are opposite the "extras."
Again I mention the culture of ancient philosophy says that everything is based on your karma, positive or negative.
The law itself mystical, the law of life, it is inexorable, masterminded the blessed fruit that you are reaping today, this 'package', the scenario is included and even the extras!
So if there is someone you have to thank is yourself, your thoughts, your actions and everything that you have inside your heart.
Think about it, nobody is responsible for your happiness or unhappiness, and it is in your hands and your true intention to life!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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