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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 17 de agosto de 2010

The expanding universe

Some people claim that we have a mistaken view of the world!
Freak out when analyzing this statement, because I learned early to question certain beliefs.
When you grow up in an environment where curiosity not just part of the natural phase of life, but a natural process of education itself, it is difficult to accept anything that you require to be true.
My view is that the whole theory accepted as true is eventually debunked when it proves the contrary.
The human mind is not stable, human opinions change as the winds change direction.
What advocated for granted yesterday, now would not be so sure today and tomorrow will probably deny completely.
The process of evolution in nature is so, everything changes, everything changes.
This process is present in all parts of the universe, says that the universe itself is expanding, therefore it would be too much to ask that all of reality inherent in it was static.
There are people who for the time when they insist on defending a belief, by stubbornness or sheer ignorance.
Such behavior implies an inflexible mind, totally contradicts the basic nature of the universe, with which the person becomes totally abitolada and inconvenient for a harmonious coexistence between people of open mind.
By our own ephemeral nature and condition, we can not drop as many coins in a single reality, because life gives shot in all directions, with which we never know the results beforehand.
I am sorry because there are people who are so radical and defend your opinions as if they were law and close to reality as broad as life offers us.
I learned that we must have the good sense in everything, including the affirmation of our beliefs, never impose my perception of life to anyone.
When will I expose my thoughts, I always say this way, "I think, in my opinion," and never, "that's life" so compelling as if I were the owner of the truth.
As I mentioned, life points to several sides, which of us mere mortals can say certain circumstances, if we have neither the certainty of our own nature.
So my dear readers, who among us is right, what is the most coherent thought, who can say that certain beliefs are wrong?
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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