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quinta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2010

We are part of a whole

It's funny how we have not yet become aware that to live a better world, we must be united with each other.
And despite all the tragedies in the world, civilized man insists on the idea of individualism.
Yes we are individual representatives of a whole, I believe we are part of a greater consciousness, and we represent the smallest portion of this immeasurable desire to live an experience the inherent and latent in this set.
So many people, many people and countless individuals are born every hour, minutes and seconds.
And in return, at this very moment I am posting this blog, people die in the same proportions.
Once a friend's father died, and this came to me inconsolable mourning, and from that fateful experience, he wondered about the existence of their loved one, and about their own future.
But more than the question of their future, their greatest concern was the unknown about the whereabouts of his father.
And I quoted an ancient philosophical teaching, which draws an analogy with a drop of water, of course I adapted my version, with which he could understand the issues of death, with greater clarity.
And I began the explanation, "get a thimble of those used by our mothers, to protect your fingers when you are sewing, and as a miniature bucket harvest water from his residence.
Take this small container filled with water until the pool of Sport Club Corinthians and pour it.
Imagine that water inside the thimble, which was taken to his residence is his father, and imagine that the pool water, is the immeasurable universe.
When you've poured that small amount of water (his father), the pool (universe), they become merged into one body, in a single reality.
Although I know he's there because you turned out that even the small amount of water, you can not extract him from the rest because there was a merger.
And so the philosophy that says we, when we leave this earthly world, we return to our true reality, and remain dormant until such time as a new manifestation.
One day all sentient beings, will leave his own form here on earth, to merge with the infinite cosmos, and remain there for a while until they manifest again, always relying on their previous karma.
You will be born rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, healthy or sick, and it will decide who will be the inexorable law of the universe, always based on your karma.
I learned that each person, or where we read, "every life experience ', can give you only two types of situation, a good, based on their positive karma, and a bad situation, based on a negative karma.
Explaining this condition, he was still, and never regretted the death of his father.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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  1. Sim concordo com vc em sua visão de SER ... Somos parte deste Universo maior, e nossa passagem por aqui segue as leis deste Universo, agregada de nosso livre arbítrio para caminhar onde, quando e como desejarmos. As escolhas são nossas assim como tb as consequências imediatas sobre o nosso SER são nossas ... Como todos os nossos atos geram reflexos no todo, tornamo-nos co-responsáveis no processo para com o outro também ... assim, saber escolher e assumir o preço de cada escolha é fundamental na construção de nosso SER ...