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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 23 de agosto de 2010

Compulsive Consumer

"Remember that to be someone in this life does not always need to flaunt!

Questions of life, modern man may never be able to satisfy all your doubts and existential needs.
Perhaps this explains the curious nature of every human being.
As voracious as your own curiosity is their need to create things, utensils and other dubious nature and artifacts that become garbage once their tenure need to be remedied.
I received an email very true, he makes the following statement:
"- Our parents lived in an era devoid of the luxuries that today we are accustomed.
-They were playing barefoot in the rain and never became sick from it.
-They did not have Playstation, and were happier playing hide and seek, tag, hopscotch and pebble.
-They had no cell phones, computers, Orkut, MSN, and were always connected with friends. "
How true and wise, the person who wrote this thought.
Inevitably, I could not but make certain comparisons with our ancestors.
Back in the days of our grandfathers, people seemed to be happier, according to reports they lived with the basics, and many of the resources available today, there exist neither in dreams for them.
Surprisingly, when I talk to older people, however painful it may seem to his life story, they are not depressed.
Quite the contrary, they are people who somehow managed to extract some learning for those sufferings, and they became supreme souls.
It is very gratifying to know that there were people with such noble sentiments in the phase of the land, because somehow they remind us that it is possible to live with quality of life, without many resources.
The contrary, our generation with so many benefits and perks, we get the luxury of living a life of isolation and depression.
We have to be washing their hands constantly to not get sick, we can not take rain, because it has become overly acidic, and our children are always with respiratory problems.
And despite all these perks, we still have time for depression, with the right to be hospitalized in a nursing home "taking advantage" of psychotropic medications.
While we have sophisticated cell phones, which speak only lacking, people fell silent for fear of the other, while the characters took shape, and literally leave the virtual world to the real (Avatar), people are increasingly , heading in the opposite direction.
While humanity will not awaken to their true need, he will fill the large open dumps, supplying a wealth (vanity), which is increasingly scarce and degraded land resources.
And with all the luxuries available, modern man feel happy, would justify all this action, however understand how a society increasingly depressed?
Let us question our need to consume too much, and think a little about our true circumstances here on earth.
The planet thanks you, and I also thank you for reading until the last paragraph!
Paul RkSp

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