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sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

Fighting with my conscience

In spite of what humanity can prove, in their stupid battles against their peers and on behalf of a nation, the greatest victory is that we fought with our own weaknesses.
I am facing a war that started a few years ago, if I could shoot, the amount of blood would be of oceanic proportions, and deaths rival in height to Mount Everest (where bodies were stacked).
Of course it's all in the figurative sense, just wanted to expose the emotional distress that this battle is causing me.
Who am I measuring forces?
You should know well, such "human consciousness," she is slowly consuming me, corrupting my moral integrity.
She is hideous, terrorist in nature, often when I escape from my responsibilities, she attacks me asking the following questions:
- What is Paul going to chicken out, where is your sense of friendship, where's the feedback, so that you mention in your speeches?
And what is she talking about?
Ah yes, I know that if they do not talk now, she'll force me anyway and maybe decide when it may be too late.
Nobody forces anyone to do something, but that such "human consciousness" is relentless and she is forcing me to write this chronicle, denouncing my fear and cowardice to be revealed.
Not that I have done something very wrong, the question is that I have done absolutely nothing (written comments).
I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the intelligent comments I have received on my posts.
And therein lies my personal drama, and is beginning a personal war with my conscience!
I'll talk, but let me be a little unkind to such thing as human consciousness:
- You shut your mouth, HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS CAR ............!
Yes, now I'm feeling better and better!
Anyway, I have been very thrilled with the comments of high relevance in my posts, but more than the actual feedback that is inherent in it, considering an online friend in giving your opinion is priceless, I think any money paid much less the Mastercard.
Yes, I know I'm missing you friends with all bloggers, but the question that keeps me from making comments, is the lack of courage and fear exacerbated talking some shit, and to explain this to my immeasurable ignorance.
But I just, I'm reading your posts and followed, not sure if I mentioned, if ever, repeat again, I am a time traveler, and I seek in others what they can not find in myself.
The forms of extraneous thoughts (blogs), has been for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration which has helped me in the composition of my own space.
So friends bloggers, forgive me and help me make peace with my conscience human (ie myself).
I know one day I will dominate beyond the art of writing well, the art of knowing how intelligent and relevant comments.
Please do not misunderstand me!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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