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Paulo Rk
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sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010

The blood speaks louder

It's interesting how a viscous fluid with a smell very close to the iron staining and intense as the red Ferrari can sustain our lives.
It circulates in our bodies like small rivers, carrying besides oxygen, nutrients to supply all our vital organs.
Our body, a container, a bag net, when you lose blood, life fades, dissolves without much explanation.
The only thing we know in the field of eternal ithinks, "is that man is a miracle chemical that thinks a combination of objective (body) and subjective (soul).
Modern man produces many things, among others, artificial blood, of course it is not as perfect as the natural, but surely our wave, until we found our equivalent.
If we are outraged, our blood boils, if we are afraid, our blood runs cold.
This property is beyond our scientific understanding and logical reasoning.
Even in the social field, when we observe certain attitudes of people with non-standard behavior, we often generalize and say: - "is bad blood, could only be the son of so and so!"
Every day that passes, I am fascinated by the machine that is our human body, and as information of this nature, illuminate my ignorance, the greater becomes my respect, and need to learn more about our sacred temple.
Yes, our body is a "sacred temple," where is our soul, which is wisely protected by the skull.
They say that our soul lives in the cerebellum (Latin, celebrate small), this small body, has aroused much curiosity not only of scientists but of philosophers, religious and merely curious (like me).
When someone we love dies with us, how we feel powerless and unable to do something for our similar.
Greater suffering, that's when we noticed that the person does not want to leave.
Then write something for those people who do not value their lives.
When we have health, we seem immortal, and become arrogant in many respects, particularly by seeding certain drugs, and in many cases abusing our own good fortune.
For all we know, not everyone gets a second chance, to value life is to respect our sacred temple (body).
I thank my physical and spiritual, for the joys it has given me, and especially by the existence of those who moved me.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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