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sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

hate to be labeled

"How many more labels assign to situations and people, the more futile and cold becomes our reality and more desensitized we become."

Some people do not deserve to be called by their names.
I am speaking of those who tend to put nicknames on people.
But first let us analyze a situation, why do people like to call us by name, not by our own name?
Some argue that the name of children abroad is tricky, I fully agree, but I'm talking about names, not surnames.
I do not think that I put bad names when they are not offensive or derogatory and.
Well like everything in life, there are people who can not play with us, so little name calling.
But actually, the topic being discussed in this blog, is another, like to talk about people who like to label.
Have you been labeled by someone very close to their neighborhood, or worse, has been labeled by people who do not know you right?
Do not want to seem like a "poor" or a victim of creative people, but I think I'm a champion, showed in my chest, labels like a bottle of some drink, some marginal or no name.
The worst thing is that I do not think these labels to be a worthy, and believe they are all wrong.
For in general are very derogatory labels, and none of them describe the person I am indeed.
One day I wanted to die, and would not return to this world inhabited by creatures so vile.
I'm very relaxed, and somehow awakened a certain weeds for anti-social duty.
Only one comment was enough of a caveman, wearing the "macho male" (the type player), totally devoid of a brain mass (brain), so my weekend will end with the worst of all expectations.
Maybe it was a joke, how do you know, because I do not allow such freedom with strangers.
As for the few but true friends, I allow all kinds of freedom, comments and uproar, because they know all too well.
This relationship is reciprocal, some call me a fag, emo, odd, ugly, fat, stupid, pederast, pedophile, among other attributes of caring, which I love passionately, and perhaps can not live without them.
This freedom is the fruit of a true friendship, and devoid of any false moralism.
By now, my dear readers must be wondering, but what the fuss, just for a "Mane" made an unfortunate comment?
End this post with the comment that reinforced my eternal disappointment human (excluding good people with life).
- Practical experience, to differentiate an emo, a fag,
'Lock you in a dark room, if it is emo, begin to cry, otherwise it will glow like a beam of light'! "
A rude comment, delivered in a public place, and my biggest regret, she pulled delicious laughter of those who were present and made up for the cold night for many people (except mine)!
No comment, thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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