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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

The impossible depends on people

The impossible depends on people !
As humans, we often talk about many things, among other things, talking about the lives of others.
Is there anything better than gossip, and make some comments that dislike spicy (just kidding)?
But let bad feelings and negative thoughts aside, because they emanate vibrations highly dangerous to our mental health.
I do not like to approach topics with religious connotations in my blog, because people avoid them like the devil flees from the cross, perhaps because they are matters of personal status, and for the most delicate.
However, when we realize that people close to our meeting are suffering, and ask specific questions of life that only a religious or philosophical knowledge could help them.
And if somehow you have this know-how has this knowledge, why not give a "forcinha "?!?!?!?
I'm no expert in the treatment of suffering souls, and I know perfectly well that what is good for me, is not always good for others.
But life has taught me that regardless of our backgrounds or financial situations, what prevails is our desire and intention of wanting to do something for others.
This feeling generates a condition around us, creates a halo able to cure our worst infections in our heavenly body (soul), caused by our own ego.
There are several forms of healing, antidotes for our souls, how to make material donations, feed the hungry, to write something that motivates the hearts of others, to praise, or just want to love someone with all the feeling, the happiness of a days made you suffer.
A friend reported that this suffering greatly with their negative karma of fraternal relationship.
The pain increases to the same extent of our ignorance about the origin of evil.
No one is capped, and background we are conscious of the source (cause) of the eternal pain, but as a matter of PRIDE, insist on not admitting our failures.
Not easy, but to transform, to break this cycle of suffering, we often assume that certain weaknesses, our egos strip of armor, and ask forgiveness for the person who makes us suffer.
We usually hate people who cause us suffering, but in Buddhism, I learned that this person is called the "positive agent of our lives, so we should thank them.
Positive agent because she was born in the same family (school, work, society) so he could teach us something we can not see, according to the philosophy she is more evolved than ourselves.
It is not easy to thank those who stick a stake in our breasts, however, all suffering in this world has meaning, nothing is free, every cause has an effect (remember?).
It is examining our own behavior in relation to "butcher" (the one that supposedly makes us suffer), they often discover the real reasons for all our sorrows.
In Buddhist philosophy, we talk a lot about 'human revolution, "this term seems complex but it is understood by the human revolution, overcoming all the small things or feelings that cause us greater suffering.
For this reason, if you are suffering for whatever reason, be honest with yourself, and analyze the origin of this feeling.
Look for answers within your heart, for it is the poison that is extracted own antidote.
Blaming others, all our failures and fears will only feed the flame of our eternal state of hell!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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