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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 16 de agosto de 2010

I recite mantras

We live in times of uncertainty in life (the world), and many of the decisions we make are often hasty decisions with which we regret later.
In desperation, we do more for our reflections of what our reason.
It functions as our emotional side, when we let our emotions out, unleash all sorts of trouble, because our emotion is irrational and incoherent.
But the question is how to be prepared today, living in a troubled world surrounded by questions primitive, still modern man could not solve?
I believe that each person has a way of managing their personal difficulties in their lives, however, they are at the mercy of their own results.
Satisfactory or not, they assume full responsibility for the acts committed.
Getting the consolation that repentance is much lower when we err on account, and not on behalf of others.
I do not own the right, for nobody is, everything I write here is as a tip, a council, which may or may not help the readers of this blog.
I am no psychologist, nor do I pretend to be one, but do it because so many nice things, I've read on blogs, self-help books, newspaper strips, or even planfetinhos some religions, has helped me very definition of what now and I'm by myself and my neighbor.
In Buddhism we practice the philosophy of humanism, care about the issues that make modern man an eternal suffering.
Do not criticize any other religion or form of belief, because we believe that every human being came into this world to be happy, each with their own rights.
We express our love, through respect for others, for what he does, and especially for his beliefs.
Generally do not like to mention that I am a Buddhist, because some people in my environment, feel upset with my choice of life, and start to criticize me.
Situation that hurts me a lot, because regardless of sexual orientation, social or religious, I love all those circles me.
In Buddhism, prayer is called meditation, recite a mantra, which we believe all our problems and difficulties are born of our own ignorance, called the fundamental ignorance.
The logic works as the principle of how scientists extract the antidote to the poison.
"If you had the wisdom to get a tremendous mess is very likely to be the solution to solve it."
Many people forget this detail, and seek help outside their own conditions, driven by despair, they forget the miracle that we are, our capabilities of creating and overcoming.
When we recite this mantra, it's as if all our schedules resetássemos earlier.
All the darkness dissipates inherent in balancing and rescuing all our self-confidence and self esteem.
The term 'reach Buddhahood,' or 'attain enlightenment', not become a saint, but be fully aware of our conditions and not allow them to influence us negatively.
Have belief in ourselves, putting faith in what we can accomplish as divine beings, is a demonstration of self-love, and logic in Buddhism says, 'if you love yourself, it will be easier to love your neighbor'.
Do not forget, regardless of their beliefs, more trust in yourself, do not forget that we are divine beings, the result of a love between two people.
The truth is, if we are the fruit of love as a feeling most powerful of the universe, we have this latent and inherent strength, we need only remember this detail, and redeem this reality.
The mantra that every Buddhist recites, acts as a "tool", and redeem this dormant energy, and forgotten by us. I often say that it is very powerful because it has nothing to do with belief, but an effect.
Like everything in life and in research labs, for every experiment, every action has a reaction, regardless of whether we believe it or not.
If dear readers want to try this mantra, even if they do not believe, and recite over time realize that something in their lives will change.
The important thing is to be an inner change, which will allow you to capture this world in a way never before experienced.
The mantra is: NAM - Myoho-Renge-Kyo
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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