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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

Words contradict attitudes

Some people claim not to believe in God, but did not stop mentioning his name.
Ten words spoken, nine is the subjective reviews about this being that some people say not to believe.
However, I learned one thing in life, when we dislike and despise this attitude clearly proves our belief for certain kinds of subjects.
A friend of mine knows a person who lives and attacking atheist says that God does not believe what he says.
Totally contradictory, their attitude of wanting to convince people of their living of their disbelief, proves exactly the opposite.
I think an exaggerated feeling of wanting to prove a personal disbelief, an unhealthy need to say that God does not exist.
Being a "personal belief", each has their right to believe what it wants.
It is more or less like soccer fans, who attack or even steal the lives of those who twist a rival team.
Think soccer is a sport for fun and laser, but these days even afraid of walking with the shirt of the team's heart.
If you do not believe in God and is convinced of this fact, live with this reality for yourself, as there is free will, everyone has the right to live with his personal reality.
What can not it be inconvenient, we should not show contempt for the people, just because they believe them or not in specific subjects.
If God exists or not, nobody can prove, for he is like love, is not subjective as it comes, only feel it, and just do not feel who has no hope in life.
In my personal opinion, before affirming a subjective belief, we actually affirm our humanistic terms.
Real feelings with which we can contribute to a better world, without divisions or prejudices of any kind.
Forcing people to believe in a personal opinion, is more or less what Adolph Hittle practiced in its most complete insanity, enough divisions in a world increasingly lonely!
We must fight for something more real and less abstract, the world does not need to discuss what is beyond his ability to grasp.
Observe the current world scene between global and environmental crisis, the reality of human need for more concrete actions than to be speculating the existence of an omnipotent and omnipresent.
Thank you for having to read the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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