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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 25 de maio de 2010

The teacher chatterbox

My definition of smart person is one who uses his knowledge to benefit mankind.
When I was studying in high school had a teacher who spoke words that still unknown.
Was difficult to assimilate its matter, because first we had to translate what she was talking about.
At that time felt chic, a true demonstration of superiority.
The years passed and I was meeting people from different areas, competent professionals, who really knew what they were talking about.
And most importantly, a show of consideration and respect for others, spoke in a popular language for easy understanding, not using jargon in their area of expertise.
Once back from lunch I met a classmate, and inevitably begin to remember those golden years.
When asked if he remembered a teacher who threw up strange words, I said yes.
He continued and said that she had died.
Simulates a disguised cry, and of course I was curious about their causes of death, and response was withering attack infarction.
And like any ordinary mortal, I started with that nonsense that people have to consider all dead person a saint, type, guy was arrogant but deep down was a good man!
But actually the fact that we mourn, his condition was mediocre as a student apprentice of life.
The true disciple, not become a teacher when he passes his knowledge on making this world a thriving place full of wise people.
Woe to the man who thinks that knowledge should not be shared with his peers, bringing to seven palms from the floor.
Now I understand that talking nice is to know to pass the knowledge to others, is to speak simply and clearly so that everyone can understand us.
Difficult to talk using jargon in order to impress lay people, has only the effect, prove the condition of our mediocrity.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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