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terça-feira, 11 de maio de 2010

Social Fever

Today in front of my computer, listening to a song (Never forget you), a band still unknown, and the half light of my room.
Outside, a chill garoinha showered with a fine, those cool even our souls, and to complete this inspiring setting, taking a nice hot tea and sweet, with a few drops of lemon.
It was enough to write some lines to my blog.
But everything was perfect, a perfect scenario and that feeling one more day served a peerless!
It was so poetic, until the music quoted a passage that made me think and go from this climax more than perfect:
-Outside people busy seeking a solution to silence his demons.
The poetic inspiration of São Paulo who live with the reality more corrosive than the actual acidity of your dribble, and falling on our minds.
This chorus took me back to reality of my daily life, corrupting my soul and making my heart bleed.
Where am witness to those who live well below the poverty, that means not having access to internet, not knowing what a blog does not have a room with a computer, and so little able to take a hot tea and honey and some drops lemon.
For them, nor have food and housing or to live with dignity, that's absurd!
We are in XXI century, and much of our population still live with the same problems of our beginnings.
How these people can develop as human beings if they are unable to meet even their most basic needs, namely the food and housing?
All this emotional turmoil, he brought me back a while ago, where they watched a film alternative, where a retired journalist and well-situated financially, returns to his home country where poverty still prevailed.
After a while immersed in a jacuzzi, sprinkled with salt all kinds she had one foot inside, where his conscience made him recoveries.
Who is paying for all this comfort? For his bath, he took the champagne while bathing and the rare goose liver pate?
His foot was actually ripping his soul and making your heart bleed, more or less what I'm feeling now.
But the movie was raising the question of our responsibilities within society, how we are to blame for the misery of others?
Do I have a fever, was it tea or lemon?

Can anyone answer me how far we are to blame for the misery of others?
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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