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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

annoying person

Another day I went to a party at a friend's house, where rolling music of good quality, plenty of snacks and lots, but many beers.
The party officially began at 22:00 hours, but I was present since 1700 at the request of the host to help your organization.
People were coming, all men were bringing all kinds of drinks and snacks several women, all in great abundance.
The most exciting thing is that my friend is not a conventional person, or be an artist, with their foibles and friends also disrupted.
The house is huge, but the amount of people present, caused her to become a Matchbox, literally speaking.
At around 00:00 hours, people have risked a full alcoholic improvising a solo performance of it go out of tune, but for sure, and fun.
The 2:00 am, people still had the same pike when they arrived, as that night was very hot, some fell in the pool even with canvas linen.
After having taken some pilequinhos more, sang, shouted, cracked jokes and made merry all you can imagine.
And because nothing is perfect, can not fail to mention that little group that went to the back of the yard, smoking some leaf of grass to the last tip.
I will not be unfair, and could not stop commenting on people, or couples that have formed on the spot, and soon rose to the rooms, the greatest of all novels.
But I am not judge and went to check, just for fun, actually, the abnormal there was me, because after a few pilequinhos more, Sabrina was imitating the program's panic, screaming with all my strength, it's true!
Anyway was dawning, and few people were leaving, but a very boring conversation was pulling me.
'm Kind of talkative and love to talk in my normal, and my ability is enhanced after a few beers.
As I said this party was not to judge others' attitudes, but there was one person who insisted on me comment attitudes of those who were having fun, the worst is that this person was the last to leave at a time when I just wanted to take a nap on the couch .
The boy was so access, which I think he used some kind of stimulant, he repeated frantically everything mentioned about the guests.
I think I was delirious or had drunk enough to create a flat that I comment on anything that my unconscious had assimilated.
Later I commented to the host about what happened, amazingly he did not know this person, I suspect to have entered a kind of alcoholic coma and not have noticed.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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