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Paulo Rk
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sábado, 15 de maio de 2010

Looks like an ordinary mortal?

Something sinister is happening, and as technology advances human behavior becomes increasingly strange.
Every day in the daily relationship with our neighbors, we observed anomalous behavior.
They are people talking about themselves, people with nervous tics, extremely distrustful and other reactions that I find despicable.
Recently found myself with an urge to stay indoors, I found myself totally out of the standards of beauty and could not face the mirror to comb my hair.
What's worse is that this day was extremely angry, the voices of people with whom I live, I was irritated as well as their attitudes.
Even thought I was pregnant, because these symptoms had only witnessed in pregnant women.
Talking with a friend who is a psychologist, he told me that he was beginning with depression.
I panicked because I know how terrible are the symptoms of the disease, which is already considered an epidemic of modern times.
But nothing serious, and he recommended me to take more walks, to take more sun, visiting more friends from other social activities as important as our own work.
Once and comforted knowing that my hurt is curable, I returned to wander with my thoughts and questions.
And I remembered an expression I heard a while ago of a person that I have great respect and admiration.
He said something that we all, humans have several states and living conditions.
And the most common and popularly known is the state of hell.
When we live in this condition, we lose the sense of what is right and wrong, we can not at least glimpse the beautiful things in life.
And all we hear on our nerves, because in this condition we face all that is said as a form of personal attack.
Looking at my sensitivity to the surface, remember the words mentioned by the sage who said:
- "All we have to overcome our common aspects of a mortal!"
That's right, to allow all my personal problems to rule me, I forgot completely how wonderful we are as individuals.
Each with its unusual beauty, idiosyncrasies, quirks, and among other things that make us unique and immortal.
Yes immortal, as the wise words, "overcome our respects to an ordinary mortal."
It is manifest the superiority of our own poetry, to allow those we love we want more, always giving them strength and courage, regardless of the circumstances in which they are.
Therefore be remembered by friends is our true essence and the ultimate proof that we are immortal.
Overcoming the aspects that makes an ordinary mortal is actually transcend our own weaknesses and limitations (imposed by ourselves).
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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