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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 30 de maio de 2010

Paradoxically paradox

The common man is one who walks the streets totally oblivious to what happens in the world and around you.
Generally, people are presenting their ideas in the affirmative, which can be negative or positive.
Nothing unusual, quite the contrary, they are people who live life according to their own beliefs and opinions, not allowing anything to influence.
In the scientific field or from Einstein, it is believed that it is more important for the development of science knowledge to formulate problems than solutions.
And in our lives?
What is more important for our development, namely to formulate solutions or problems?
Again the eternal paradox that never leave us free in our deep questions.
Could ignore them but it would be convenient because we can not underestimate our own capabilities for self-analysis.
In a stroke is easy to conclude that man does not need many efforts to develop problems because he is the embodiment of the problems.
Much worse than a conventional problem, it is a problem that thinks, or thinks he thinks, complicating the situation more problematic.
So this is so complex mixture of chemical and biological being, and on behalf of a solution, begins to complain against universal rights of every human being who is entitled to happiness.
And in the name of this process, it starts to hurt people from their surroundings, either verbally or physically, he is fighting for happiness as a personal right, but at the same time taking away the rights of others.
Giving priority and maximum weight to their problems so selfish, as he put the victim of all, saying discredit of humanity, when he forgot his own!
Look at the paradox again, I repeat that question that the man is a problem we think, is a problem because he learned to think wrong.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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