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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 23 de maio de 2010


Another definition of the word karma or karma is action.
Let's follow the following logic, every action is followed by an effect, or simply, every action has a reaction.
If your karma is good, reap good fruits in the future, and otherwise suffer the consequences.
Like any violator, we pay for our mistakes so that no more let us do such acts, and we can learn something from our own ignorance.
Life is just perfect, and as a school she teaches us how to transform some of our bad karma into something positive.
Studying the word karma, I understand certain situations that happen in my family so repetitive.
Like any family, this is not an example of perfection and that is why it can be called a family.
Watching an excerpt that talks about karma family, generations of my uncles and aunts, who have certain difficulties in life repeat themselves or with me and my sisters.
I witness such demonstrations in my family daily, and I think I have seen this scene before!
In the same paper which researched on the word karma, I read something that I was very intrigued and at the same time I thought of a great importance because it makes me think.
And so it should be a good text, makes us think, reflect and analyze things in life.
But back to the matter said the words:
- Sometimes we complain about the people who make us suffer, and often criticized, or see it as a villain. However we should thank this person because she is our agent positive.
Superior beings who came into this world to show us something we insist on not seeing.
Confusing is not it?
How can we thank those who cause us suffering?
According to the same text, is learning to forgive the one who causes suffering that you pay the debt of our bad karma.
And my thoughts go further when the same text says that while we insist on criticizing our positive agents continue to be reborn in the same family and always with the same dilemmas.
It works much like the novels of the Globe, where the story at the bottom is always the same, only changes in time and name of the actors.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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