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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010


Create new forms, objects from a single need, to achieve
the inherent and latent state of perfection is a human tendency.
In nature everything flows with maximum balance and harmony, the spherical shape is present in everything we can imagine.
Of our planet earth the biggest star that keeps us alive, and all beings that inhabit it, the sun.
Without ignoring the football, which will run through the fields on the loose, re-uniting people of all nations, and some days the world will forget about all the tribulations, making it into one global unit.
We will also pay the appropriate homage wheels, wheels that move our cars, trains, planes and all kinds of means of locomotion.
Can you imagine how would the modern world, if they had not invented the wheel?
You knew that it was invented more or less 5500 years, but no one really knows for sure exactly who invented it, the more likely it is that different groups have created the instrument.
Investigating a heavily saturated market, and discussing the needs of modern man, came to the conclusion that after the wheel is no other human invention, was so great impact on human development.
We reached the conclusion that the comfort we have today is a modern man be fully accommodated, then all the concepts used to create new markets and new trends, are simply outdated ideas, mostly old ideas covered in a new guise .
Not providing an impact or some relevance to the development of humanity, just filling the pockets of greedy executive and filling us with trifles that do not even know what they do.
While the man did not stop reinventing the wheel, no other establishment can overcome it.
The question is who and what will make the wheel invention outdated in a world surrounded by great scientists, super powerful computers and large universities?
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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