Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
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sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010

Who am I

This increasingly difficult to define my identity in a world with so many adversities, lies and contradictions.
I've lost track of my role and my role within the family and within society itself.
There are so many collections, which sometimes feel to lose control of certain situations, however my instinct can forcibly impose themselves, and have just always doing the right thing.
But as I say "necessarily", and this condition no one can be completely happy.
The other day I heard so many reviews of a customer complaints without a true foundation, based only on the financial issue.
For yet some people do not realize, that gold is still gold, and worth how much it weighs.
Many people want quality, but are not always willing to pay for it.
All these contradictions are part of our work, or as they say, "bones of the trade", however a small but heated discussion with one of my customers brought me back the day my father died.
That day might have been the worst day of my life, because when he was alive I felt that many things in life was important and what is more important, I felt important to his side.
Make eleven years since my father died, however certain rescue situations that bring to light feelings, all my fears and weaknesses.
How I hate this feeling, because not yet matured enough to face life without a support that he faced several battles with few wins, but always head on.
And that's what I learned from my father, victory or defeat, but always with the pride of never having given up a battle.
I agree when they say that time does not exist, because our heads does not identify a scene of real and imaginary.
It took some harsh words from a client, who by the way is always right, that I return to time and made me remember how much I am still fragile.
My body cells are losing fluid, a process called aging, which could read as ripening, it appears that our mind does not follow this reality.
Because in my mind, the boy who still resides at the first sign of danger used to run behind the strong arms of her father.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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