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Paulo Rk
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quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

Straight-in look

The skill of communication is beyond the power to speak or make sounds, it is present in all, besides the verbal messages that we sent there by the look.
The definition of a picture is worth a thousand words, I paraphrase as a perceived worth a thousand words.
Do not know if I ever happened to you dear readers, sometimes we can not talk to certain people, just by the way they look at us.
Believe that subliminal messages are not present only what we write, but also in looks.
Certain looks, need no word, and often the words do not have the devastating effect of a single glance.
It happens a lot when we're in love with a person who goes against the hand, those who do everything to counter it.
Who among us has not been in a situation where we decided to give a chance for people to change, and decided to give an ultimatum, only to find the same, and look deep inside of her eyes, totally lost my breath and thinking, not able to speak anything, just accept it.
And what is worse, with arms wide open and with a huge smile.
This happens with strangers too, look in a dark room with a loud, on the bus, the subway and even football stadiums.
This bid is to look very magical and strong, I would say that this is a magnetic energy very, very powerful.
Because I can relate personal experiences that step in my routine, I imagine the balcony of a fifteen-story building, calibrating signals from a satellite from my laptop.
Beside a much taller building, and one person was watching me, perhaps the twenty-fifth floor, and I was feeling they were watching, and when I looked up I saw his eyes deeply.
Does the ability to communicate with their eyes supplant our ability to communicate verbally?
For some people like me, have no skill with words, and in many cases I think even better just stay in looks.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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