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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 31 de maio de 2010


From my personal point of view, laws, rules are required for certain "things" work neatly.
Modern man is skeptical, and does that old adage, "seeing is believing" their lifestyle.
And by the invisible nature of all laws, it becomes increasingly difficult compliance.
Not everyone thinks this way, but do not know if it ever happened to you, already committed infractions generalizing a situation saying, "everybody does it why can not I?"
Of course, besides being an irresponsible and childish he does not take responsibility for our sins of breaking the law.
Because laws, many things in life we can not see but can feel its effects, whether positive or negative and.
Life itself is a very good example of this undeniable fact, we can not explain the life of each individual, but we know it exists and works.
I believe that each person is governed by a law based on their karma (positive or negative), and each of us already traced this path in the past and continue to write new pages in the present for a future better or worse.
One day a friend confided to me:
- I'm such a good person, do not know why I suffer so much with bad guys?
And that is where I believe that life is relentless in fulfilling the "law of cause and effect"!
We can not see it, but we can feel its effects, always based on the concept that every action is undertaken by a reaction.
So we must remember that man has created things, situations, and especially the laws, rules for such "things" to function properly.
I believe this need to create laws, is the man himself, an inner necessity, because the human being is born a transgressor. Imagine life as it is today, a complete anarchy, even with existing laws, so imagine if there were no laws in a world which we believe to be modern?
And before we finish this chronicle could not stop commenting, the transgressions of the laws of traffic dropped considerably from the time that in addition to the points taken from driver's license, a value for each infraction on the seriousness of the offender is charged.
I think the lifestyle change necessarily see it to believe when the citizens realize your bank account zeroing.
As the economics professor said, the weak point of every human being is the pocket!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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