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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 9 de maio de 2010


Today, Mothers Day, I wish everyone did a small gesture of kindness and consideration, the person who dedicates his 365 days of the year to give us the best.
I still remember that in my stress attacks when he uttered a word grotesque charge of ingratitude, debating with his most sincere gesture of deep affection and concern for their offspring.
But even listening, she insisted reveal any hostile word and keep his divine concern for his legacy.
Son that one day was small and fragile in his arms found love and protection, but even after growing the scene repeats itself and that loving and devoted mother, yet remains the same.
Ignoring his own physical condition, limited by time and in his face the marks of a history of past suffering.
She continues to worry and reminds me relentlessly, do not forget the jacket, will be cold tonight.
With it not escape the rain, and as a guess, my mother always predicted rain, and always remembered the son take the umbrella as rain in late afternoon.
How often ignored the warnings and I regretted, getting soaked in the house, but even so, my mother was waiting with dry clothes and hot food ready to be swallowed.
Brave this intense love and affection, can not find words, and I think they are insufficient to express what they really feel about this being so sweet.
Its superiority goes beyond to overcome stress and ingratitude of her children, because I imagined the power of a woman bring to this world a being as thorough as we are?
Perhaps all of us men, and unconsciously envy, because despite the apparent superiority of our forces and we do not have the same capabilities and tolerance that a mother has.
Today my mother is not as strong as before, but still feel your constant and the same concerns.
What is the proper name for this feeling that overcomes time and their own predicament?
I wish I could do more, much more to one who dedicated his life to give me the best, facing and overcoming all kinds of difficulties.
Thank you for all mothers and for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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