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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010

Which way forward?

What are the odds of a person to be happy at 100%?
We have to live one day after the other steps and tight to stumble and not always focus on our key objectives.
Preferably any goal of self-fulfillment, beautiful dreams of those who watched in cinemas, where the ending is always happy.
But like everything in life, nothing is like the millionaires of Hollywood productions, we have to operate within our realities.
Thoughts are volatile, which was solid the day before going to fade like clouds in the next day.
And as always, I learned the books of philosophy that human suffering is born of the instability of thought, if we could have a constant goal in life like the rivers.
His plans to reach the oceans never change, though one is irrational stop its path, it repeatedly will continue until you reach your ultimate goal.
Certainly, the certainties are gone, and now what do we maintain our beliefs, if our happiness depend on them?
Would say this is one of the best questions, but like any good question requires an effort to more of our neurons, and do not always get a coherent answer.
Perhaps the man is not yet mature enough to question certain issues, and even suffering from this ignorance is part of our learning.
And afraid to admit his inability to resolve certain issues on which depend our happiness, man continues to insist on doing what he always did, always believing that some day someone will save us.
And what is worse, insists on showing their peers that all is well, in an exaggerated exhibitionist.
Getting the impression that the party's neighbor is always better than ours.
In life I learned that not everything the eye sees is the reality that presents itself, they also learned, in business to do away with our competitors is better to leave the impression that they have mastered certain technologies, but not dominate .
And the result of the impression left is devastating because it puts it in a situation of complete uncertainty, about how mankind is today.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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