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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 29 de junho de 2010

Signs of the time, the end of humanity is near

I believe this signals the increasingly frequent, and foreshadowing are catastrophic.
And disasters are not only present in nature, we can observe in human behavior itself.
However we need not be alarmed, since the announcement of a tragedy is double-edged, it also brings inherent message of renewal.
And like everything in life, the pace imaging pulses and each pulse an invitation to inevitable change.
The dynamics of life is not static, if we live in a constantly expanding universe has no meaning to live off.
For our own biology and function in living in harmony with that expansion.
The action of time is inexorable, has no way to circumvent this reality because we live in this wonderful environment.
But despite the tragic nature of this chronic, or for some a pessimistic prediction of our realities, we must not fear change and not ignore them.
Well like everything in life, this action is necessary and is almost always for the better, although in our limited vision, and our usual routine, slow to adjust to the new.
Today we live a good moment of technological and scientific, but still can not understand certain phenomena of life.
We seek relief and answers in science, but always ask the wrong way, and therefore the answers are consistent issues.
The result of this is that man lives in everlasting ignorance just satisfying his ego, is unable to answer certain questions that have intrigued mankind since our earliest days, despite the evolution of our technology and science.
I conclude that our reality is the same used to extinguish fires and uncontrolled major, say that to extinguish a fire you need a huge explosion the same magnitude.
So just a great tragedy, or a big change in our environment may change our way of thinking.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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