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Paulo Rk
Contemplação da mente

quarta-feira, 9 de junho de 2010


Definitely every mortal on this planet has problems, I believe that every human being suffers from some kind of disorder, either mental or physical.
A normal situation where we do not need to panic because of this reality.
I return to the eternal act of questioning, and I think, so what's the best option or solution to live in peace?
Is there some magic formula or strategy that can alleviate human suffering?
Let's think for a few minutes this reality and change our paradigms.
Have you noticed that the problems others seem so insignificant, that when we requested a practical solution so that the "victim" thanks us like we were their savior?
I once read a book of philosophy that said the man insisted on being dumb, by focusing on their problems, not in the same resolution!
And the reality and the result of routine methodology is obvious, stressed people ready to burst, living inside a bubble as society increasingly aggressive.
If for everything in life there is a solution, then why insist on the same key?
We must face our problems as part of some solution, otherwise we will be literally swallowed up by it.
I'll tell you a secret, recite mantras and much of the day whenever I can, when I switch off for a few minutes of my reality, it seems that the problems would dissipate.
But it is returning this meditation, I feel more able to assimilate and resolve my crisis.
It is in the normal state we find the answers to every question in life that plague us, is a simplistic but if we have problems, so focus on them and even more complicated?
Let's follow the example of nature that is always becoming a reality to another, so if Mother Nature is wise enough to teach us the "tricks" of life, why live resigned believing that someday, someone will come save us?
Working on the assumption that no one save those who will not be saved, or even on that maxim that every man is his own savior, let's laugh for each type of problems.
And the greater the severity of it, the greater the intensity of debauchery.
Works, in addition to the meditations I use this methodology, it is nice for people living in my comment:
- Apparently he has no problems smiling because he lives!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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