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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

My mother is gone

In Buddhist philosophy we believe that we are sacred because we are unique, genuine in our essences.
Everything is different, physical appearance, ways of thinking and even our personal problems.
There is a why, a reason and a real reason for all these peculiarities.
We learned a lot from our neighbors, especially when they are very close to us, and especially when we are talking about our parents.
On the 18th of this month, between 23:00 to 23:30, my mother breathed his last, for a journey with a one-way ticket.
And after all the farewell ceremony to be performed, the real consciousness that she will not be there longer with us, in its physical form starts to take shape.
And time in its relentless condition will do the rest, but there is much that time can not erase.
One thing that might not even physical death can take us, the memories of all that was left as a most valuable asset of your life.
Its values, its way and its particularity, will be in our memories, his children, friends and those who knew her for a short period.
Women simply and without great ambitions, always wanted to give the best for their children.
And the best for their children, was no good stuff, nothing that money could buy, but their total devotion.
Yes, I use the word with strong religious devotion, for he always had the impression that for her, her children were sacred.
It made no demands whatsoever, never asked for no gifts, but always remembered in our food, our clothes, and finally always concerned with the affairs for our well being, that has forgotten its own.
The children are usually so onerous that as I only now realize this fact.
There'll mourn it be gone, but for my lack of vision of this dynamic of love, and for not having rewarded when she was by my side.
Maybe I did it for the better, but I did not do enough, at least I feel I'll never be able to love as she loved us.
Will be a consolation, I know that one day fulfill my mission when we meet again, and I hope that this day I can be a great man like she always said.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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