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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010

quantum physics

We follow our intuitions, there's something that drives us, and at all times be in doubt or certainty, we always try to hold on to faith, and always try to do the best for our lives.
As we live each day, one step after another, we learn something, the relevance and the subtleties of life and always try to be perfect until the end.
End of life, after one cycle of a mission, who knows?
Who may one day be reborn and still remember where it ended and where it all began?
Scientists researching quantum physics, discovered that the hollow interior of atoms is completely empty.
When I say that life is a tangle of contradictions, people think I'm too complicated, but scientifically as saying that atoms are empty, if everything in life is material, and is made up of atoms, including ourselves!
And on a more human, there are still those who insist on defending their beliefs, to defend the beliefs in a world totally on!
Actually I was not so surprised when scientists proved this reality, because even though we are made of atoms exists a great void in our hearts, where we always try to meet.
Before this discovery, thought the universe was absolute, today I'm not so sure.
For always questioned my beliefs, but I would not dare to question the science and its methodology.
I know well the tools used in investigations.
I am one who still lives in the sphere of those who have faith, but not an exaggerated faith, blind or religious, but I am able to accomplish and give to my neighbor and myself.
Finally, I conclude that after this proof, faith is not as subjective as many believed, but a reality that nobody can see.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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