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Paulo Rk
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sábado, 12 de junho de 2010

Love is in the air

Did you know that today we celebrate Valentine's Day?
It's a date exploited by marketers, but can not be so extreme on this point and leave the weather.
Well like everything in life, I believe that what is worth is what goes on between two people is the motivation to buy a present for loved ones.
Is there anything better than to surprise a loved one with a parcel, no matter the size, but only to see the face of surprise girlfriend or boyfriend, is breathtaking.
Especially this time of year is very cold.
The Valentine's Day was introduced in Brazil, the advertising John Doria in 1950, and by the time he coined the slogan that said, "not just kissing that proves love!"
It is believed that the date is celebrated for over 2000 years, and in Brazil it seems that today's date, June 12 was chosen because it represents a poor season in anniversaries that leverage trade.
And it seems that the date was so successful that every day of the year it is celebrated.
In northern countries, Valentine's Day is known as Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14 since the 19th century.
Saint Valentine was a priest martyred in Rome in 270 AD, and their relationship with their boyfriends to the fact that the date coincides with the day of an ancient fertility festival, was an event, a pagan festival held in ancient Rome .
Well, never mind, I just wanted to say that today is Saturday, a chilly and yummy and has no problem if there was not time to buy the gift, just know that tomorrow is Sunday and the night promises.
Come to perfect, taking a look back and hot chocolate because under the blanket, until dawn with a lover? "
Because tomorrow is Sunday and we'll wake up very late.
Oops! But if you're single, and not getting a girlfriend or boyfriend, a suggestion, learn to love and appreciate you even more.
Certain attitudes about ourselves cause the people around us notice more in our peculiarities.
Doing our part, the universe will conspire so that we find our soul mate, and be sure that when two souls on earth meet, born a new star in the sky.
And the brightness of this, will illuminate this love for all eternity!
Congratulations to all the lovers by day, and thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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