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Paulo Rk
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sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

I'm not emo but .......

There is a big difference from the standpoint of one person to another.
Some believe that life is hell, while others it is a paradise, as I said everything depends on the point of view of each.
I want to address a particular subject, one that says that man is man, not do or say certain things.
Recently, I was criticized for making use of some expressions and effeminate, if any such classification exists.
Words and expressions like, you're very cute, I got goose bumps, that cuddly, cute and such a movie that made me shiver from head to toe!
I do not see any harm to express myself with such statements.
And then a bunch of macho beings that think, begin to judge ourselves by saying that I'm emo!
I'm not emo in my style of dress or hair cut, but I can say I am very emotional when I see a movie or a sad scene, and without any ceremony start to cry.
At the same time when you realize someone is watching over me, I am not ashamed to say, you're very cute, I love it!
I grew up in a humble environment financially speaking, but at the same time surrounded by people who are honest, hardworking, unbiased and most importantly, no shame to say and admit certain feelings that is characteristic of human nature.
However, the most important lesson learned from this simple-minded family, is that we need to be a man in our attitudes.
As the words, whether they are words that do not offend or hurt people, all right, they should be used because it is our best ways to express our real condition of life.
We express ourselves by making the best use of them because they do not care if they call me emo or worse.
I think it's macho male, not ashamed to express their sympathy, just because people will criticize you.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this chronic, everything is a matter of point of view, only I am sure of one thing, I will not cancel because of a bunch of prejudiced people and unhappy.
And from my point of view, they live in a state of hell, because they are ashamed of themselves!
Blessed are those who live well with life and know how to convey this sense people!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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