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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010

In the end, everything's right

I've been watching as every human being has the knack of complicating things, dramatize a situation.
Anticipating the results of the most negative way possible and consequently suffer a lot.
And then we realize how cruel to ourselves.
Because we felt that we go through certain situations with great ease and there was not even a drop of blood spilled.
The only problem is that we realize this fact after the storm, but I think we could get through it without much damage if we could be so confident before facing Her.
Where does this kind, so sadistic and cruel?
Why do we insist on being so masochistic?
I believe we should anticipate that our attitudes do not mean by this that we should be irresponsible, it is clear that everything should be measured, evaluated and reevaluated.
Well like everything in life, every action has an effect, think clearly, logically and practice still makes good human sense.
I know someone who has problems of poor physical training and is losing one of vision.
I make this person a role model for me, as always willing to help others and despite its difficulties it is always in good humor.
I never saw or lamenting a bad mood, she is so audacious that his boldness makes people "normal" around him, pessimistic and fearful for their actions.
You know that one day she confided in me which left more frustrated was not their physical limitations but the pessimism of those around you.
You can not imagine how devastating was the effect of this outburst on my unconscious, her biggest obstacle is not his physical disability or vision loss, but the whim of those who should really make the best of their lives.
It's amazing but sometimes we are so pessimistic they are overwhelmed or transfer this awful feeling that we should support people.
While we are physically normal, worry about things so subtle and limit our lives on a whim, give ourselves the luxury of wasting time fault with everything.
I'm not criticizing anybody, but when I write often expose a personal condition, I believe we would be happier if we had more self-confidence and a less dramatic reason.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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