Paulo Rk

Paulo Rk
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quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2010

And now Paul?

At certain moments, the memories tear our hearts.
Thoughts and memories that will never come back.
For life in their relentless meddling, took the actor and lead actress, ending a drama suddenly.
I fear now that everything in my life, becomes an improvisation.
I fear we all realize how fragile I am, despite my apparent firmness and determination in my attitudes.
The lack of courage to vent and to admit certain weaknesses, makes this blog a perfect refuge, where I can finally talk and outline my feelings without being censored.
The question is, where I go now?
At a time when the certainties are gone, what can I do to keep my dreams alive?
I would confess all that I am, but the truth I think I'm empty, a container entirely hollow.
Deep in my heart, the concern is great, because I'm afraid to confess my fears.
Fear of being called a coward and lose those people who still remained at my side.
Again I feel that the certainties are slipping day by day I pretend that everything is about control, and my swagger, a cover of the morally weak.
Corrupt and dilasceram my heart inside out, where I just feel it bleed.
Well I'm still not strong enough to stand the smell and taste of my own blood.
I am a man, and how should I break the waves on the rocks, showing my strength, dispelling all my energy of will to live.
Life could be as simple as writing these lines, though these thoughts are what we really think, I can not put into practice.
I still have a hope, I'm still breathing, about my fear of living, it can be a great ally because we do crazy things irremediable absence.
If for everything in life there is a solution, I prefer to believe that better days will come.
Yes, my heart is bleeding because it lies in the middle of a still immature, which clings very people, but there is still the side of reason, who knows very well that I'll get through this difficult time.
Then relax, because for everything in life there is a solution, in our lives when we believe in our abilities and dreams to fulfill.
Because our dreams still remains the best of all stimuli in this life!
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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