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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010

racial prejudice

I was asked to comment on racial prejudice in Brazil.
I think an issue is quite complicated to talk about a comprehensive way, because there are various types of racial bias.
Those who dislike the african-descent, Asians, Jews, Portuguese, finally, the list is so extensive that I would not dare write a chronicle on the subject.
However, as I am a gentleman, and the request was made by a friend who is undergoing an existential crisis, could not fail to meet this request.
As the proposal of my blog is to make people reflect the experiences of others, and reach a conclusion that for everything in life there is a solution, I'm talking about my experiences I had with prejudice.
In elementary school, I remember how my classmates were terrible class, always messing with me, made fun of my hair cut, which seemed a small bowl, my eyes and pulls my way quite shy.
I think the mockery was done, by having different characteristics of the group, which is nonetheless a form of prejudice children.
Time passed, and in high school, I met people of all types, except that the scheme was more cruel prejudice, this time I was much more withdrawn, because I carried a hurt to be different from other colleagues.
I thought of my strength and I mingle with the "guys", just that some people dodged me, some made it clear that they did not like Asians.
Needless to say, for some time, I had an inferiority complex as the child of Japanese, for me not look like the most.
Fortunately, my world was not just the school, at the same time found a job where I met people who admired my culture.
I have learned from these same people, that the humility of my people, the respect they have for nature and their contribution to our society and the world, goes further than a feeling so worthless.
Then came the higher education, where I could meet people with heads quite different than those who had known, and these people knew the true value of friendship.
In college, I was able to overcome all my difficulties and learned to deal with my weaknesses because I learned that there is not prejudice of the people who make us feel small, but is our own fear of accepting what we are.
I will ending this chronic condition stating that one learned from the wise, the worst bias is what we have within our own hearts.
Do not accept is the worst bias of all prejudices.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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