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Paulo Rk
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terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

I grew up that shit !

A thought invaded my heart this time the canopy was going through a very long street and it made two wavy stripes in green and yellow, following the start and end of it.
And a sudden urge to open the two arms like airplane wings and accompanying waves across the street extension.
But it goes back to normal and suddenly the penny dropped that it was no longer that child, that child who did certain things and everyone thought beautiful.
So I thought, shit *, despite the wish will not be able to do a simple thing that in my reach, afraid of what people will think or judge.
I'm sharing a house with a friend, another good person, and with many problems like everyone else.
From dreams to fulfill and those who have not yet materialized, we realized how nice it is to be ridiculous.
He returns home with lots of inspiration to mimic certain customers including his boss, and in return I also do some drawings of some customers.
It is clear that all the imitations are in the most ridiculous possible as it spilled out everything that we can not be out there in society, were we have to pretend to be "normal"!
The result of these performances, is a late night full of laughs and zero stress, because extravasated before sleep, nothing better is not it?
But of course everything in life has a foundation, even the simple act of taking a cheap way people face and we arrive at the conclusion, everyone would be a little happier if they did what they really want to do in public, not fearing ridicule or of being judged.
The human need to be exposed is extremely large almost like the air we breathe.
So statistically speaking the more "decent" to be more unhappy we are about ourselves.
Note that most irreverent artists are those who are more successful because they mechem in the unconscious of people doing what everyone wants but few have the courage.
The act of exposing themselves, doing things that no one had courage is truly admirable act, creating admirers and fans all over the planet.
So we should be in our lives, at least that's what I think, I think that we should be more children, more and more irresponsible fools on certain subjects.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp
* Note: Sorry for the words "shit" is that I found the right word to express my outrage!

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