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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

We can not judge without knowing the truth

It is ironic how today humanity continues to do exactly what it did in ancient times.
Remember that he was killed by the ignorance of others, by the people resentful and bitter that even before knowing the truth, they threw stones on the roof of another, whether as a form of a personal rant, or a statement of pure ignorance.
I believe Jesus would have taught us much more than blind faith if they had given him an opportunity to teach us through the dialogue.
Humanity would have learned many things if given the right to express it, and since that time we had been more humble, would not suffer so much.
However from the beginning until today, the man continues to claim to be pious, but a pure demonstration of hypocrisy continue unleashing words and acts stupid, its like.
The same tools that took the life of his son, our master, that being humble as it had only one goal and mission, to teach us a philosophy of life, pure and true.
Where all could coexist, to live in peace and harmony in a show of superiority, detail "true superiority," not a cocky attitude as one who knows everything.
This posture has only to distance the people around us, because words hurt people's feelings, especially when leveled like stones.
Such human ignorance, who believes that Jesus died to save us, it was the same one used to take his life, and this very cruel tool perpetuate our suffering.
And yet there are people who believe he will one day return and will improve our lives, when it's up to us to decide.
If we have free will, we have the freedom to choose a better lifestyle, but how every cause has an effect, not good saying or affirming our beliefs, to be god-fearing, if our own actions, yet we prove the opposite.
The nature of my chronic is not meant to hurt or offend certain people or classes because they are themes and subjects chosen by friends.
Requests for friendly people and a somewhat intimate people who know me enough to know that I am not stupid enough to strike harsh words and grotesque.
For the purpose of this blog is to show people that everything in life there is a solution, often satirizing in a common situation among us.
But never belittling or disparaging certain habits.
Would like to know me better before I therefore consider it as my profile in Orkut, I describe that I grew up in an environment of poor people, but in well with life and full of love, where the only good I possess and can offer you is my humble friends.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp
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