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Paulo Rk
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sábado, 31 de julho de 2010

On second thought

Thoughts that come without a warning, and they will like everything in life, escapes like grains of sand between our toes.
Leaving only a few grains as if they were souvenirs, even though it is so.
Some thoughts arise from the situations we are witnessing in our daily life.
Yesterday for example, a voice broke the silence inside my contemplative mind, it was late afternoon, and the voice of my neighbor broke quantum moment he was having with a cup of coffee with milk, absurdly stressful factor.
Want to know what is the height of absurdity, is she yelled, passes, passes to a turtle.
When I say that is it, is annoying is because it is too strange, it blows before you speak, more or less so; passsssssssssssss .... Ssssssssa!
Not to mention the fact that she does not shave her armpits, providing a totally confusing for anyone who tries to contemplate the beauty of women.
I imagine the black forest to be below the equator (the navel), because who has the habit of shaving the armpits not mind the lower.
But back to the subject of the turtle, I can not imagine such a lack of concept, think of the time it takes to understand that the turtle is for her twinkle of where it is.
Speaking in the imperative for a dog, has a certain reason and logic, but for a turtle or tortoise know there is a little weird.
The other day I walked into a Pokémon Orkut a stranger, because I saw that he had "fuçado" page on my site, I do not care because many do not put personal stuff in it, because I'm kind of corny, and I think exposing our personal lives to strangers is kind of risky.
I believe that the distinguished stranger, or as call people who do not have many affinities of "Pokémon," he came into my message page and left the following message:
- "Was what you were looking for? Go to tweak your life .. (dots), nor will I repeat his words, because I'm too polite to reproduce such hostility."
Our thoughts are derived from our interactions with people and other adverse experiences, how could maintain a healthy mind and you hear strange voices produced by a mutant that does not know the epilating appliance, or a Pokemon (weird) who nuzzles my Orkut, then turns offended by curiosity when I visit your page.
It is better not think about anything but the mind can not bear to think is to live and relive emotions.
Strange sensations, sometimes, but despite these contradictions, perhaps one day these sensory experiences, providing some learning that lead to my eternal belief that for everything in life there is a solution, even those who think so well, is not it?
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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