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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

Then I'm ignorant is that

If Jesus died to save us why humanity continues to live in eternal suffering?
It has many things, many thoughts, I can not swallow, lack of logic and consistency.
The question in the first paragraph, it bothers me because many things in this life do not answer for others but for ourselves.
A statement or idea that someone died to pay for our mistakes sounds like irresponsibility.
Tipping the theory of free will, because I believe that God would not be so irresponsible to the point.
If he has free will and that each be allowed to do whatever it wanted, it would have been fair with Jesus, you made him pay for all our sins?
Why does not he saw Jesus with such a benefit, does he not love his son?
What kind of learning would, if every time some kind of infraction cometessemos someone pays for them.
God would have been very unfair to your child, and give a bad example to all other creations in this universe.
Some friends who practice bigotry and call themselves religious, claiming to be posting this blasphemy, but I do not see how.
For if we like your superior intelligence and kindness by accepting all the things that force us to swallow and not question them?
If he gave me intelligence was so I could ask the universe to learn something from it and evolve as a consequence.
I'm not questioning the existence of a force or a higher intelligence that governs all this infinite universe, but rather wonder how some people are offended when we expose them our viewpoint on this form, saying that we will burn in hell .
Look at this contradiction, if God has free will, and if Jesus died for all of us, I'd have to burn in hell, write or think this way?
I believe that such an assertion would invalidate the reasoning that someone paid for my sins (mistakes), if already paid must not descend into hell and hit my bills.
And who are these religious zealots who call here, people full of morals above suspicion who always denounce an act of others, as shameful and blasphemous, insulting and hurting people's feelings, on behalf of the one who should preach the love of neighbor?
I think they believe to be so pure, self elected spokespersons of a god, I believe, not to judge them by the attitudes they believe exists.
Because the judge did not sentence to be judged is not biblical so why criticize me, just because I use my common sense, and seeking to dispel ignorance of my life?
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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