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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

Just for today let me make mistakes

Today I woke up with an incredible will to leave a bit of routine, to escape the rule of the day.
Doing things completely upside down, and purposely make mistakes, but surely, with the risks coldly calculated.
Talking wrong, doing wrong, everything that we do not expect a polite person, or at least know if I fit in this condition.
Starting with no fear, commit serious errors of the Portuguese language, speak a little word, incidentally speak several words.
Some people make fun of others, take a joke that fat, that fat disgusting, I look with superiority and fill my bag.
Making an obscene gesture with his hands for the annoying neighbor who lives watching me with a certain air of confidence.
Be totally free and debunk the false moralism.
Why do I insist on being so straight, if nobody cares for me?
Everyone lives so busy that nobody pays attention to the grammar of others, and if we are dressed appropriately.
At least in the medium in which I live, most wear clothes bought in thrift shops, because they are inexpensive, beautiful and well kept.
While some people with whom I get along really well, eat caca nose, taste like a delicacy, I confess that I tried but could not, it is very disgusting.
And not enough as the act of ingesting the element itself rejected by his body, he still maintains an air of wise, "the body of my body!"
And not to seem pretty straight forward, I have done some nasty things such as taking their own urine, spent the day vomiting because the taste is extremely disgusting, I heard that strengthens our immune system and guarantees us eternal life.
I do not know if I will live forever in this mystical world, but surely put the entire contents of my stomach out, which earned as a full stomach pumped.
Until now I have talked so much shit and I could not write a fucking brilliant idea that was absurdly, that the most notable and reputable friends would say, "fucking hell" had nothing interesting to write is not !?!?!?! ?!?!?
Of all the crap I could write until now, especially today I woke up with a huge desire to talk shit, shit was the word itself.
Puta my lack of creativity!
Thank you for reading this unfortunate paragraph to the end.
Paul RkSp

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