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Paulo Rk
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quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

A heart of a warrior

I see the world, my own life as one big battlefield, where each person is a warrior, a mercenary depending on the goals and their own intentions.
This world takes place inside our heads, but the funny thing is always mentioned as something out, because I always say, people have prejudices, people will talk about this or that, but in the end "these people" are our own fears and prejudices.
I grew up in an environment where people think in a complex logical reasoning, where things to happen has to be thought a million times before even being put into practice.
And with this type of education or culture, you know how we call this caution, I brought fame procrastinator.
Time passed and I realized that this "culture", gave me an advantage over all other forms or styles of life.
For when we consider the various possibilities of errors or correct answers before them to put into practice a plan of life as an example, we can save you from unnecessary expenses, becoming assertive in the first shot.
I've been reading some things about the great warrior Musashi, a famous samurai who fought more than sixty duels, and was not defeated in any of them.
I was very curious about your fighting technique, and I realized that despite its strength, he studied hard his opponents even before facing them, and often he did not need to use your skills to win.
Thoroughly studied because their enemies, doing his own weakness unrelated to his great ally for the victory.
In one of his battles recorded in history books, he mentions that he won a mighty warrior is using its own anxiety.
Musashi determined a time for fighting with his rival, but stayed for hours watching from afar, and when he saw that it was being consumed by their own weakness, he appeared and defeated him without much effort.
So it is in our lives, is not always a warrior who uses brute force to succeed in life, we must first of all to study, be cautious and foremost listen to our hearts, where we read how our reasons.
And thus optimize our abilities to overcome our own fears and prejudices.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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