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Paulo Rk
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segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010

Remember the bar of Mr. Romeo?

Makes a lot of time is not, do not we go together and enjoy the good moments of life.
Be cool, and now they're doing cool, take that wine and eat a few pieces of cheese.
You know what I was remembering, oh boy I miss, that little bar close to home, Mr. Romeo, remember?
The menu there was stuffed with seafood, remember the size of the shrimp fried with a little lemon smart, oyster salad, the fried pig and the frog, which cost much to try, but I liked it very much.
But best of all was our conversations, several themes with great creativity and relaxation, watered course with plenty of wine and the delights that I mentioned, and the impeccable care of Mr. Romeo, unique!
Some simple things in our lives, are irreplaceable, leave deep scars in our memories.
After Mr. Romeo closed, had to sell the bar and traveling with his family.
For it could be a simple business, but for us that bar was a holy place, where would meet three times a week, to report our adventures during the day.
Report, exchange experiences and to witness those good and simple moments that generosity gave us life.
A simple bar, neighborhood, and the periphery, where there was much peace and harmony, where we lived in full communion with time.
Believing sincerely that those moments would be eternal.
Subsequently, we tried other bars in the area, but could not find another with the same magic.
What exactly did that particular bar, the delicacies on offer, the place, wine or service?
I believe the combination of them all, made the difference as a whole.
If dominássemos controlássemos or time, and we could get back the good times of our lives, I believe that the magic would never be the same.
Because I believe that everything in life has its time, and what makes that special occasion are the memories, and the certainty that they will not come back.
Of course, life has its own magic, and gives us other times and other places, with new characters and scenarios, as good as those.
But what lies within us are homesick, and that good feeling of nostalgia.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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