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Paulo Rk
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domingo, 4 de julho de 2010

No time for regrets

If you ask me how I see the world, you'd say to me it looks like a locomotive without brakes, which circulates at a breakneck speed.
It has no brakes to us, or another type of control because we can not control it.
Their destination is often not well chosen for us, but for some reason it always takes us somewhere.
A place in the end always ends up having some sense, the track is always straight and if I choose to walk it straight to distort its shape, will pay a high price, and such an act might cost my life.
The driver, who leads this locomotive, we're not sure, we deduce, believe, or imagine that is an omnipresent and timeless awareness.
I make an analogy with a locomotive in a hurry to get somewhere with our anxieties, which stops at stations, are moments of our lives.
Destinations, where we met people and diverse experiences, sensory experiences, which give us the impression that we live that moment somewhere in the past.
They say that time does not exist, it is man-made, that the past, present and future occur simultaneously.
Confusing, is not it?
If this is true, then how to explain that we miss a time that never return and explain what our dreams and plans to hold a not too distant future?
Not sure if the passages of all trips are paid, but now it's too late, because as I mentioned we have no control over the locomotive.
And all I do is traced by a straight line called destiny, which the results can not be anticipated, not least because we all have to get to the end of the season.
And the results of these long trips, will reflect the lessons learned at each stop in the stations of life.
Where in the end we all meet, where many others will be arriving and departing, as a train terminal.
The lamentation or waiver will be invalidated because the transition will only be paid when the trip fulfill this long road of life.
Thank you for reading until the last paragraph.
Paul RkSp

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